5 Weird Messaging Apps to Chat With Friends or Strangers

Weird Messaging Apps to Chat With Friends or Strangers: As you all know that there are multiple chats apps are available which works differently from each other. But there is not a high difference between the functions and features of these apps. You are required to try these weird messaging apps which feature like sending a single message at a time or by talking only when you are having only 5% battery left in your mobile phone.

Why would you do this? And the answer is, it’s fun! You never have any idea with whom you are going to meet in a privacy guaranteed chat channel which is completely having minded people. Also, with old friends who you know very well already and you can’t predict how your conversations will take a different turn just because of the enforced pressure.

Weird Messaging Apps to Chat With Friends or Strangers

Weird Messaging Apps to Chat With Friends or Strangers

For the normal everyday video chats and chats, you just need to have the best messaging apps for your phones or your computers as well. But, if you are up for a little craziness….So, if you want to know more about these apps then you are just required to read this article till the end by which you can easily be able to gather more and more details about these platforms to chat with any of the strangers to know each other.

Say Henlo (Web): Only One Message At a Time

Most of the chatting apps do a cosmic work of backing up each and every message which you have sent earlier or ever. You are also free to send unlimited messages as well. These chats are available for you anytime and you can access them whenever you want so that you can go back later to prove a point in any argument or also obsess about what other people really meant for it. Say Henlo has a whole new approach.

In this web-based chat app, you can only send a single message at a time. Also, you can only read the last message which was sent by your contact with you. It adds a new dimension to chatting and also keeping you more in the present and by getting sure that you frame your sentences very well. No more of those passive-aggressive “K” messages.

There are two different ways that are available to talk to a person. You can add their username and start sending a message to them directly or you can make a click on the “random” button which helps you to find a stranger on the internet to start a conversation with him/her. The latter gets very interesting which you don’t have a chat log to refer to them.

Also, there is a privacy angle to say Henlo. Each and every message has been deleted forever when you send a new message, But, I wouldn’t rely too much on the privacy of this app anyway.

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Die With Me (Android, iOS): Start Chatting With Low Battery Users:

Die With me is one of the best and coolest and also the weirdest concept which I have come across in the chat apps and even in all types of apps. 

The idea of the die with Me will provide you a buddy whenever your phone’s battery drops below 5%. It will send your emergency contacts to whoever you want and then hop on the app to find out another person somewhere in the whole world who was stuck with less than 5% battery and also it starts talking. 

The limited amount of time to talk with someone new will force you to dispense with the pleasantries and also it will get to start knowing that person in a very fast manner. Also, you can have fun and take your conversation in a new way, talking about the meaningless of life after your screen dies out and also the existential questions the distraction-free offline world throws at you.

It is a really funny concept but also it requires some luck as well. Now all the users have downloaded the app yet, so you don’t know if you are always going to find someone whenever your phone’s battery drops or falls low.

Stealthy (Web): Telegram-Like Chat for Decentralized Blockstack Users

Stealthy is one of the very similar apps to the telegram in many factors but it will have some more than a telegram. This messaging app is completely based upon the Blockstack which is a new decentralized internet ecosystem. You are required to have a Blockstack account if you want to use stealthy, which is easily available without paying any type of charge.

The main benefit of a Blockstack account and Stealthy is that they completely focus on privacy. At a time, when you question the privacy of Facebook Messenger or more about any other messenger from a big company, this is one of the most important features. Your data which was available on the Blockstack based app can only be read by the recipient since everything you put up is completely encrypted.

When you move from privacy, Stealthy is having all the great features which will be required in a great messaging app. You are able to join channels to find like-minded people and able to chat with friends by simply adding them and also you are able to share your screen, chat on video, and also you are able to transfer the file as well.

While there are mobile apps available for Stealthy now, they are riddled with bugs. The Stealthy team, says that these are not completely developed and you need to wait for the official announcement to download this on your iOS and Android device.

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Chudo (Android, iOS): Become a Memoji-Like Cartoon Avatar and Chat

What do you mean you still make video chats by yourself? It is 2019, man! Because you don’t have the new iPhone, doesn’t mean that can’t get on the emoji bandwagon. Get yourself Chudo to become a weird cartoon avatar for the live chats.

Chudo is compatible with new and old phones as well, as long as your front camera works. It will trace your face in no time, and then you are able to pick and select from the multiple avatars which were available in the Chudo.

It is really simple and easy to use and also the avatar list is updated all the time. You will be shocked at how simple it works with the old iPhones and also with the old Android phones as well.

Evry (Android, iOS): Browser to Chat on Any Web Page

Basically, Evry is a mobile web browser but it is focused on the “social browser” which turns it into a bit of a chat as well. Evry wants you to talk with your friends on any of the web pages within a browser.

It is a basic and common comment-based system but your friends can be tagged anywhere. So at the time of browsing, you are able to tag a friend and also able to leave a comment from them by which you are able to understand that why you think they should see the page. When they visit it, then they are able to reply to you. Also, like any other new messaging app, there are reactions for the likes and for the comments as well.

Generally, like any browser, you are able to add bookmarks and also you need to try a private mode and so on. But the main focus is on the social browsing part.

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How to start Random Chats

These are the weird and new messaging apps that can be used to talk with our friends or also with strangers as well. It is always more exciting and fun to chat with the people whom you know already and also you can add layers such as time or message restrictions or also the weird emojis.

So, finally, we provide you the best and possible details related to the top 5 weird messaging apps to chat with friends or strangers

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