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TorrDroid: There is various software available on the internet which helps to download any file from the internet but sometimes, it is really hard to download any file from the Torrent. It is because we don’t know about any specific downloader to download files from torrent for PC. If you are one of them who is looking for particular software to download torrent files for PC then your search is over now. 

With the help of TorrDroid, you can easily be able to download torrent files for your PC in any windows and also in your Mac as well. If you know about this software already then it is really good but if you don’t know about it then simply have a look at this detailed article, so that you will get to know the complete information about this software. 

What is TorrDroid?

TorrDroid Torrent Downloader for PC

Basically, TorrDroid is one of the torrent downloaders and it was introduced by Google. Also, you can use this software as a search engine because it is having some of the best features of searching and also downloading the torrent as well and you can use this software without facing any issue. 

TorrDroid is one of the easy to use software and on this software, you can be able to search and download your favorite content or torrent file. Also, this app is having some of the unique features which help to ease the users by simply searching and downloading the BitTorrent file without searching for them manually. TorrDroid downloads the files at a very high speed as compared to the other file hosting software like Zippyshare, Mediafire, and also the Sendspace as well. 

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About TorrDroid

If we talk about TorrDroid then it is one of the trademark and property of IntelliGence developers and this app updates its content on the regular basis to increase the better experience of its users and it will provide a better user interface as well. Also, it will support all the android versions like 4.1, 4.1.1 up, and also this software doesn’t take as much space in your device as its files are 11.9 MB. It is one of the lightweight software for your system. 

If you want to use TorrDroid then it is really simple. You just only need to enter the search term and the file type which you are willing to download. Also, its inbuilt search engine is the best part which makes it easier. Another benefit of this software is that the results of the searched content will appear in the app directly and also that content is always ready to download. 

You can simply set a condition by simply using the app to start downloading a particular file in a direct manner. Also, it will allow you to sit and take rest when the torrent is being downloaded. One of the best-appreciated features of this app is that it will keep you away from all the viruses and malware which mostly takes place while downloading content from the internet.

It will provide you a safe and best experience. This app is completely open for all the users and you can easily download it from any source and it is completely free to download. 

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TorrDroid Features

If we talk about the features of the TorrDroid app then you need to know that with the help of this software, you can be able to download the torrent files without browsing with the help of its built-in search feature or also you can be able to search for it manually. Now, let’s have a look at the below-given features of TorrDroid

  • With the help of this app, you can easily open any torrent file directly. 
  • This app supports the UPnP, DHT, NAT-PMP, and also the LSD as well. 
  • This app is having a provision to enable sequential download when you are downloading any video which can be played on your PC and when it loads. 
  • Its downloading speed is really high as compared to the counterparts which makes it really famous among others. 
  • Also, it will allow you to access the magnet links to download which makes it really easy to access. 
  • It will allow the users to concurrent downloads and also you can easily download many links at the same time. 
  • Then, it will also allow you to download the individual torrent file from the torrent by using the TorrDroid
  • You can download the torrent in internal or in external memory as per your choice. 
  • When you make a search in this app then it will ensure that the torrent is downloaded when it becomes available. 
  • If you have insufficient space then this app will queue the downloads automatically. 
  • You can project any download with the help of notification. 
  • Also, it will allow the users to open, view, or delete the files from the app. 
  • This app is having an in-built file browser that helps you to copy, delete, share, and move files. 
  • In this app, you will see a simple design and this app is completely free to use. 
  • This app provides you the best automation to download and search for the specific torrent. 

BlueStacks Emulator for PC

If you want to download TorrDroid for Pc then you are required to find out some of the methods to do this process. First of all, you need to download BlueStacks on your PC. Also, you can opt for the TorrDroid for Windows or TorrDroid for Mac as well because this app works in both of these devices wonderfully. 

As an Android app, BlueStacks player is one of the highly used apps and it will allow the users to use this whole app. It is one of the American tech companies that introduce the BlueStacks app. This is one of the cloud-based software. The BlueStacks flagship product is one of the emulators which allow the users to use the Android apps in your windows and in your Mac OS PCs. Also, the basic feature of this app is completely free to use.

Apart from this thing, the BlueStacks will allow you to easily emulate all your android favorite apps and games to access on your PC or Laptop display. 

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Downloading and Installing TorrDroid for PC (Mac and Windows)

If you want to download and install “TorrDroid for PC” then you can do so by following the below-given steps. We provide you some of the basic steps by which you can easily download and install the TorrDroid on your PC. So, simply follow the steps carefully. 

  • First of all, you are required to install the BlueStacks software on your PC. 
  • Then, when the downloading gets over, you are required to launch the BlueStacks on your PC. 
  • When it gets completed, then you need to simply go to the My App section by using the BlueStacks emulator. 
  • Now, simply search for the Torrent Downloader: TorrDroid. 
  • Now, simply install the app from the search results. 
  • To ensure that you are enabled to download by using BlueStacks, you need to make sure that you are logged in into your Google account. 
  • After getting logged in, the installation of the TorrDroid app will get initiated automatically. 
  • If you want to access the app, you are required to simply open the installed app from the app section and search for the TorrDroid icon
  • Now, simply make a click on it and then simply open the app. 

TorrDroid for Mac

You need to know that the Torrent downloader is one of the best software for Mac OS. If you want to download it on your Mac then you are required to simply download the .dmg file of the BlueStacks system emulator. The process of installation is completely the same for Windows as well. Now, simply follow the above steps carefully so that you can download the Torrdroid App successfully on your Macbook PC. 

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Inside TorrDroid For PC

When you make a login into the TorrDroid App then you will see a search bar where you can type your query and also here you can set your file type along with the drop-down next. After doing this, it will show you an option “download if available” which will allow the command to the app so that the download process will begin automatically. Here, you can easily select the time duration as well. 

When you open the settings menu then you are able to set the filters like which network do you prefer your content to download, WiFi, or data. Also, you are able to set the maximum search limit and per your preferred storage space when you want to filter the adult content. 

The main menu bar has three sections which are “History”, “Search”, and the “Downloading”. This helps you to enable the switch between the pages and also helps you to view the history of your downloads and also the setting and the downloading as well.  

This app is one of the methods to get the support torrent files. You need to know that the TorrDroid will allow its users to exchange P2P files in an easy manner. Also, there are lots of people who say that the P2P download traffic is one of the best features and there are lots of downloads that get completed with the help of mobile wifi connection.

Also, the torrent gets downloaded with the real bandwidth deviators and this is the thing which makes TorrDroid one of the best torrent downloaders. 

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