Screen Rotation Galaxy S7 – Auto Rotate Screen in Android Easily

Screen Rotation Galaxy S7: As you know, screen rotation is one of the best features provided by all the smartphones by which it allows the users to rotate the screen while watching videos or while playing games as well. I know that most of the users are using this feature on their smartphones.

Sometimes, it becomes really hard to find out the mode of setting and sometimes the screen of your device doesn’t rotate at the time when you turn phone sideways and here in this article we came up with a detailed guide which helps you to use the feature of screen rotation Galaxy S7 in your smartphone. 

Basically, this article helps you to understand the process of how to set the screen set to the auto-rotate mode in your android device and what are the basic steps to set up this setting in your android device easily. 

Screen Rotation in Galaxy S7

Screen Rotation in Galaxy S7

When you buy the Samsung Galaxy S7, then you will see that the setting of this set to portrait mode by default and lots of phones comes up with the default setting in the portrait mode at the time when you are on the home screen of the application. 

Lots of users are looking for a solution. All of the tablets and the phones will support both of the modes if they are using the android version. Also, some of the tablet provides the feature of the auto rotation of the screen and also the samsung screen rotation not working issue occurs in some of the devices. 

As you can see that all the devices come up with the portrait mode and most of the vendors provide the portrait window as a default setting. Also, it is really hard to set up the device in the landscape mode and also hard to use this device as well. 

There are several apps available and to use these apps, we all are required to have the landscape mode enabled in our device. They force your device to enable the auto rotation mode automatically. 

If you are using the jelly bean in your android device then you are simply able to use the Google Now launcher which helps you to rotate the home screen and also able to enable the auto rotate mode in the portrait mode and landscape mode without facing any problem. 

It is one of the latest features and also this feature only works with the app screen Google Now launcher. 

Requirements to Auto Rotate the Home Screen in Android Phones

Google Now Launcher is one of the highly used apps or one of the highly used settings which will be used for the auto rotate of the home screen or the app screen as well. 

If you are not a google now launcher user then you are required to install this app in your device with the help of play store and then you will see that the default home screen is now Google. 

Also, here you don’t need to use any other software and it will work normally with the marshmallow as well. You just simply need to install it and then simply start and switch to the Google Now Launcher. Also, with the help of a quick setting panel, you can easily enable the auto-rotate feature easily in your galaxy s7

You can access the quick setting of your android device by just swiping down from the top of the screen where you will find the auto rotate screen button. 

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Easily Setup Google Now Launcher to Make the Screen in Auto Rotate Mode

As we already tell you that the auto rotate feature has been disabled because of its by default setting and also you are required to simply open the Google setting if you want to enable it. 

Also, for the other phones with the Android Marshmallow and also after this, you will see that you can’t be able to access the Google settings. 

Some of the Android Marshmallow phones are available which don’t support Google. Also, there are some of the Android OEMs which were available in the other folder of the Google setting. Also, for the samsung galaxy devices which are using the marshmallow android, are able to find out the Google setting simply in the Settings > Applications. 

For the devices which are using the Android Lollipop or the other android versions like Kitkat, Jellybean, there is an app for these users which is known as the Google Setting and you will see that this app will be installed in your devices automatically. 

If you want to access these settings then you just simply need to open the Setting page of your device and then you just need to make a click on the Search Now option. 

In the menu of Search and Now option, you will see another option which is Allow Rotation which appears under the Home Screen. You just simply need to make a click on that to simply make turn on the auto rotate home screen easily. 

More Information on Screen Rotation Galaxy S7

If you are using the android device then you will see that there are three different types of aspects available which you can simply consider. 

  • You will see that there are two different icons available in Google. 
  • Also, you will see your favorite tray icon at the right hand side and you can simply rotate it automatically. 
  • Also, there are three navigation buttons available at the top right hand side on the page. 

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So, finally we had discussed lots of details and got to know about several features of Screen Rotation in Galaxy S7 and also with the help of them, you are able to perform other functions as well.

Also, if you are still facing any issue or problem while accessing the process of screen rotation galaxy S8 or auto rotate android not working then you can simply make direct contact with us with the help of dropping a comment in the comment section below.

We assure you that our team will help you and assist you by providing you the proper solution. 


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