Safest Places to Visit in South America

Safest Places to Visit in South America: As you know that South America is considered one of the safest places in the whole world or we can say that on this planet. As per the reports of the Global Peace Index for 2017, South America which creates a huge process, and also terrorism is not known properly.

South America is one of the most popular places and also countries like Peru have been highlighted in the bucket list of each and every traveler. People from all over the world have been visiting to South America every year where they enjoy the diverse culture, history, and landscapes of South America.

When we talk about the safest places to make a visit to South America, you can’t make focus on the country and also you just need to take a look at the particular destination.

Safest Places to Visit in South America

Safest Places to Visit in South America

Basically, as you know that the larger cities are not as much-safe as there are a huge chance for the crime and some of the major cities are safe as well. The key to safe travel is really simple and also they have been suggested by the consultants of the travel and also by the guides who lives in those cities.

South America travel CEO Juergen Keller Says that “When we talk about the crime, and when we look at the stats then it doesn’t provide a piece of proper knowledge about the city. Statistics are including the slums and also some of the favelas and also if we simply talk about travelers, then we get that they avoid those types of areas and also they prefer to go to the cities which are larges and safe to travel.

  • The Amazon
The Amazon

As you all know that the Amazon is not a country and also it is a territorial boundary that was spread in several countries such as in South America, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and also in the French Guiana.

If we talk about the crime, then Amazon is one of the safest places locates in South America for the travelers. To make a visit to the Amazon lodge, all the travelers are required to make a long journey with the help of a boat or also by the airplane as well.

An Amazon river cruise is also one of the safest things to use for traveling purposes because these types of cruise ships go deep in the Amazon. For those people who worry about the mosquitos in the Amazon, then we will inform you that there are some places like Rio Negro in Brazil where you will find the fewer mosquitos which will be harmful to you.

  • Patagonia, Argentina & Chile
Patagonia, Argentina & Chile

Patagonia is one of the regions located in Argentina and Chile and basically it is famous for its glaciers, and also it is famous for its landscapes and also for the mountain peaks as well. Argentina and Chile are considered the safest counties in the South America region and also you don’t find any type of criminal activity in these countries because of their remoteness.

Torres del Paine National Park, Los Glaciers National Park, EI Calafate and EI Chalten and Ushuaia are the most famous places located in the Patagonia region. The only issues which takes place in the Patagonia is the change of weather means the weather is suddenly change there. CEO Juergen Keller said that the “planning in advance can alleviate any of the weather which is completely related to the dangers in Patagonia.”

  • Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galapagos Island are completely remoted and also it was not so populated. It was located in the 1,000km off the coast of Ecuador, and also they are diverse in the archipelago which is in the Pacific Ocean which attracts wildlife and also which nature enthusiasts were complete.

Galapagos Island is located in the Pacific Ocean and also their water is known as the calm and flat. Also, the island has been untouched by the crime because there is no crime and also the flight from the mainland to come to the Island, and also the population of Galapagos is really small which is 25,000.

  • Santiago, Chile
Santiago, Chile

Santiago is the capital of Chile and also it is one of the fastest-growing economies which is located in Latin America and also it is with the booming industry of technology. The political climate is completely stable here and also there is no terrorism or the economic rest in Santiago.

Also, the use of caution in the larger cities like Santiago and also avoid the slums outside of Santiago.

Also, the Santiago is of the safest place and also on the other side it is one of the cleanest cities in South America and also it is one of the best starting point for the Americans, Europeans and Australians and as well as the South Africans as well.

  • Curitiba, Brazil
Curitiba, Brazil

Curitiba is one of the safest places located in Brazil. This is one of the beautiful city and also they are having a very low economic rate which is a result of European influence and also the European emphasis on people’s education. If you are in search of the Brazil introduction, then the Curitiba is one of the best points to start.

  • Ouro Preto, Tiradentes, Sao Joan del Rei and all Smaller Colonial Towns in the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais
Ouro Preto, Tiradentes

Colonial cities of the state of Brazil of Minas Gerais, like the Ouro Preto, Tiradentes, and Sao Joao del Rei are one of the best options for the safest travel in Brazil. These are the really small cities and also they are walking with the streets where the travelers can easily feel the strong sense of the community.

These calmer cities easily attract travelers and tourists for their historical significance and also there are the former ties with Portugal royalty and also these are not in search of the party as well.

  • Cartagena, Colombia
Cartagena, Colombia

Colombia is one of the upcoming popular cities in recent years.  Also, Colombia is going to make growth and changes so that they can simply make their country safe and secure for the people. Also, it was established in the year 1980 and early in the year 1990s have been put in the rest.

Also, this year the government of Columbia introduced an agreement of peace along with the FARC so that they can simply end the conflict of 50 years.

Also, the beautiful colonial city of Cartagena is one of the safe city for the tourist for a long time. Cartagena see that there have been thousands of YS travels make a visit there and also their tourism industry is growing day by day. The use of the caution and also the alert in the cities such as the Cartagena. You will also see a little bit of crime where the tourist congregates but it’s not as much big issue.

  • Uruguay

Uruguay is also considered one of the safest places or a country to make a visit to the Safest Places to Visit in South America. It is also known as the Switzerland of the South. Uruguay is considered as the second safest country to make a visit in South America and also the Global Peace Index for the year 2017 as well.

It also continues to stand as one of the most-happiest and coolest country in the world to enjoy the holidays and trips. They are having a stable government and also they are having a very strong economy and also they are having highly educated middle-class people. To conclude, Uruguay boasts comfortable the standard of living and also the stability and safety of the tourist as well.

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 To Conclude:

When we talk about travel, you need to use your common sense. You need to avoid the places where you feel danger and you need to stay away from those such places. helped the people or travelers to plan a new trip to Colombia, Brazil, and Peru as well. Above w shared the Safest Places to Visit in South America which you must need to check if you are planning to visit South America.

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