10 Cool Xiaomi Gadgets You Didn’t Know About


Xiaomi Gadgets 2020: As you know that Xiaomi is one of the best and famous companies in the whole world in terms of smartphones in a budget but China has spread their reach into the world of entertainment as well like in TV and soundbars, routers and also in eth security cameras as well. Xiaomi is not restricted to this product only and it also runs lots of platforms in China which is having lots of handy and interesting gadgets and accessories as well.

Recently, we make a visit to Xiaomi’s flagship Mi Store in Shenzhen, China and we find that they are having some of the really cool and attractive gadgets. So, here in this article, we are sharing the top 10 cool Xiaomi gadgets which you don’t know.

10 Xiaomi Gadgets You Should Check Out

Xiaomi Gadgets

If you want to know about the latest gadgets introduced by Xiaomi then you are required to check out this article till the end. Here, in this article, you will get to know about the latest gadgets introduced by Xiaomi which helps you to ease your life. These gadgets are really cool and have lots of smart features.

  1. Xiaomi Auto-Sense IR Induction Water Saving Device

Xiaomi Auto Sense IR Induction Water Saving Device

Apart from its budget smartphone, Xiaomi also cares about water conservation and also about the auto-sense ID induction water-saving device which is one of the best examples of it. This device which you see in the image below is using the connectors which comes up with the packaging by which you are able to convert your standard tap into an auto-sense one and also it is similar to those which you can simply see on the malls and also on the airports as well.

When you install this device, then you are required to bring your hand under the faucet which helps you to see the water started running. Also, it will release the water so that you can simply wash your hands and then simply step it. When you dip your hand into the water and wave your hand over the sensor then you will see that there is a continuous supply of water for 3 minutes. So, it helps to stop the water wastage in case you forgot to turn off the tap. Isn’t it so cool?

  • Yeelight Wireless Charger with LED Night Light
Xiaomi Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Light

Yeelight is one of the best company which deals with smart products and also their wireless charger and also their LED night lamp combo is really best. We bring it to our office for some time and now it really attracts us to pick it up. Simply have a look at its sweet caramel pudding shaped light and also have a look at its sleek wireless charging pad which is next to it.

Its night light comes up with the color tones which is white and the other is warmer light which you can simply switch between by simply touching the button. Also, it is having a fast wireless charging pad which was completely attached to it and it will support up to 18W of charging. We found that it will work really great if we use it with Galaxy S10, iPhone XS Max, and also with the other devices as well. So, it is a really cool charger which you must need to have.

  • Xiaomi Portable Fruit Juicer Mixer
Xiaomi Portable Fruit Juicer Mixer

It is one of the coolest and also one of the useful gadgets in this list which you must need to have which is a portable juicer mixer powered and introduced by the Xiaomi. It is basically a blender that you can simply carry along with you anywhere without getting worried about your juice of the intake smoothie. You will get a glass or a bottle and also a cap of the blender. You find that it is completely having blades and also it is having an in-built battery as well.

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It is having 400ml capacity of the glass bottle which is sufficient to make a single-serve and you can simply drink it straight forward. Its internal battery is 700mAh which you can simply juice up by simply using a 17 pin magnetic charger which helps you to make 5 different shakes of juices by simply making a single charge.

  • Xiaomi ZMI 2-in-1 Dual Charger – Power Bank
Xiaomi ZMI 2-in-1 Dual Charger – Power Bank

If you want to buy a new wall charger and also the power bank as well then don’t think twice. Simply pick up the Xiaomi ZMI 2-in-1 dual charging adapter. It is now a charging brick that you can plug into the outlet and you can simply charge two devices at the same time. It is a 6,500mAh power bank along with the Quick Charge 3.0 support and also it costs around 1700.

The ZMI charger is generally double as compare to the wired wall charger when you are near a plug point or a portable charger when you are moving somewhere. It is having 4 Led indicators that appear on its top and you need to keep aware of its battery. It is a handy product and to be very frank, I am thinking to order this right now because it will perfectly suit my Mi Notebook and also my Redmi Note 7 Pro as well.

  • Xiaomi MIIW Dual-Mode Bluetooth Keyboard
Xiaomi MIIW Dual-Mode Bluetooth Keyboard

It is another Xiaomi Gadgets 2020 which is a great use of the people on the move. You can simply connect the wireless keyboard into your desktop, in your smartphone or the iPad, and the latter two of which will be placed in the soft-plastic cavity above the keys at the time of typing. It is compatible with the Mac, Windows, and iOS and also with the Android as well as it is one of the great gadgets.

This seems to be so attractive and having a complete set of 104 keys which clearly add to the appeal and then it will give you a premium look as well. It is also having a small dongle, in case your PC doesn’t have the Bluetooth in it is a great gesture.

  • Xiaomi VH Wireless Charging Cup
Xiaomi VH Wireless Charging Cup

It is one of the crazy products which I recently go through and also its name is enough to create curiosity in you. Xiaomi is one of the crowdfunding partner VH which comes up with the genius concept and it is having the wireless charging pad which we use to juice up our phones and it will warm up the things in a cup which is really good.

You will get a ceramic cup along with this wireless charging pad when you buy this kit and you can use this to heat up water, milk, and also for the soup as well. This is one of the unique Xiaomi Gadgets 2020 and it is having the 24W insulation mode in it and heating up the cup but the smartphones are changed up to the 10W so that you will not find them exploding.

  • Xiaomi Sothing Cactus Mosquito Killer Light

Xiaomi Soothing Cactus Mosquito Killer Light

People are no longer stranger with mosquitos and for this, they use many gadgets to kill the mosquitos, however, Xiaomi’s partner Soothing comes up with the more easy way to kill the mosquitos. Soothing Cactus mosquito killer light uses the UV light which attracts the mosquitos to close to itself and the rotating fan pulls them inside and stores them into a container when you can simply empty later.

It is one of the cute Xiaomi Gadgets 2020 which you simply place on your bedside table and then simply forgot about the mosquito bites. It is having a micro USB and it doesn’t emit any of the smoke or odor which is harmful to you.

  • Xiaomi Giiker Smart Cube

Xiaomi Giiker Smart Cube

If you want to learn how to fix a Rubik’s cube then you need to give this smart cube from the Giiker a shot. It is an intelligent Rubik’s cube along with the built-in 6 axis sensors and the recognition algorithms which you can simply recognize each and every step of the cube in real-time which is too on all of the 6 sides. You can simply see each of the turns and twist in the comparison of the app.

For beginners, the app is having very easy and simple tutorials by which you will learn how to solve the cube along with the steps which will show in the real-time and also it is having some of the interesting games and here you will see an auto timing mode where the timer starts the moment when you make the first spin. It is all happens by simply using the sensor baked into the cube.

  • Xiaomi VH 2-in-1 Clip-on Table Fan
Xiaomi VH 2-in-1 Clip-on Table Fan

So, now let’s talk about the VH which also deals in the fans and one of the best Xiaomi Gadgets 2020. We are having one of their hand-held fans at our office and it is one of the handy product which will definitely beat the summer heat. Also, if you want to get more power and a desk job then you need to check out the 2-in-1 clip on table fan which you can simply place or which you can simply clamp on the table.

This fan is having five designs and comes up in a 6-inch cage along with the more powerful airflow and also it is invisible to the stand design which you can simply select to open and also it is rechargeable with the 2,000 mAh battery for the outdoors. The cage of this Xiaomi Gadgets 2020 fan is adjustable and has a 0- degree free movement and also it will offer you the 3 fan speeds which you can switch anytime by simply clicking on a button.

  • NuSign Mini Desktop Vaccum Cleaner
NuSign Mini Desktop Vaccum Cleaner

Everyone uses the vacuum in their home by which they clean their carpets or their furniture as well but tell us that have you ever you the vacuum cleaner to clean your desk and to make your desk shiny? Xiaomi comes up with the NuSign Mini Desktop Vaccum cleaner and its weight is 130 grams and also it will occupy very little space.

NuSign desktop vacuum cleaner is having a high suction pump along with a 360-degree ascending wind which will pull in the form of air to the bottom along with the dust and dirt. Also, it is having the nylon brush available at its bottom by which you will get rid of the liquid stains. All of the dust matter gets collected inside the vacuum cleaner and also they required to be cleared on time.

If you are a Xiaomi fan and if you are one who is looking to add some of the new or useful Xiaomi Gadgets 2020 in your collection then you can simply take any of the affordable products which we have mentioned above. If you like this product then tell us by dropping a comment in the comment section.

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